Social values are an important aspect of the society. The transmitting of knowledge, skills and attitudes to the new generation is important for the sustainability of a prosperous society. The nation’s learning can be delivered formally or informally, however school education is a formal way of teaching and learning in modern world for new generations.

In Concept Schools, innovative and visionary minds think alike and give new meaning to schooling by converging physical and metaphysical aspects together to put a blend of contemporary education and character in students. We are committed to providing with the best to meet nation’s expectations. Our beliefs is in service of community through education, rather than a business.


To Develop the body, mind, heart and spirit of every child through Highly personalized and dynamic system that incorporates concepts of self-realization.


Board of Directors

Nasrullah Goraya

Chief Executive Officer

Shaukat Islam

Executive Director

Zubair Safdar

North Region

Sohail Babar

KP Region

Sohaib Ammar


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